9 Ways to Release Pent up Emotions ...


It is not enough that you keep your physical body healthy;

you also need to make sure you have a healthy mind and spirit.

One of the biggest mistakes we make with our emotional health is holding on to (mostly) negative emotions.

Keeping emotions locked up inside you is not a healthy way to deal with problems and issues that come up in your life.

Even if you want to forget about things, they have a way of resurfacing – through troublesome dreams, depression, anxiety, and even physical problems.

It is important that you find a healthy way to express these emotions.

I made a list of ways to release pent up emotions.

Please read on.

1. Shout It out

If you have no words for pent up emotions, then shouting is the perfect way to vocally express yourself.

Go to a place with little to no people (to avoid scaring anyone) and scream your lungs out.

On the off chance that you can’t get to a place like that, you can also just shout into a pillow or your bed.

2. Talk to Someone

Another great way to release pent up emotions is by talking to someone you trust or someone who supports you.

They can comfort you by listening or by giving words of advice.

If you don’t have anyone in particular to talk to, you can always talk to a guidance counselor, a therapist, or your church’s priest or pastor.2

3. Pray or Meditate

Not everyone who reads this site is spiritual or religious so I completely understand if not everyone agrees with this item.

However, praying or meditating can really help release pent up emotions and ease the spirit.

I guess it works in a similar way as the second suggestion.

After all, you are communing or talking with the universe or a higher being.

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