1. Smells Are Linked to Memories

Have you ever picked up an aroma that made you remember a specific event from your childhood?

If you have, then you’ve experienced this fact in action.

There was even a study performed in Germany where people were put in a room scented with roses to play a game which involved matching cards.

As the group slept, some individuals were given a whiff of roses and others weren’t.

The next day when the same game was played and the cards were placed in the exact location as the day before, the test subjects who received the whiff of the roses in the night could remember where more of the matching cards were than the other test subjects could.

There are so many cool things about a person’s sense of smell, as well as all the other senses.

Have you heard any interesting facts about a human’s sense of smell?

Top Photo Credit: Cristiano Betta

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