7 Amazing Tips for Digestion That Every Girl Should Practice ...


If you have ever suffered poor digestion, then my hope is that these digestion tips I have for you can change that for good. I know what itโ€™s like to suffer from bouts of less than stellar digestion. Everything from a nervous stomach to food sensitivities, anxiety, and IBS can take your poor tummy on a 24/7 roller coaster ride that never seems to end. If youโ€™ve ever suffered from bad digestion, let me share some digestion tips with you I learned three years ago that made the biggest difference in my overall digestion, mood, and my bodyโ€™s regularity. As women, we should be able to share these things with each other when some of us are suffering. Knowledge is powerful, girls, so read up on these digestion tips and kick those tummy troubles to the curb!

1. Food Combining

One of the most profound and effective digestion tips Iโ€™ve ever learned and implemented was proper food combining. I realize some people do not believe in this, but I am a living testament that it not only works, but can change everything in the digestion game. I think food combining best works for those of us who have ever had chronic digestion issues and may not necessarily work for everyone, so I donโ€™t believe it is a do or die issue. I do believe that in times of weak digestion, it is a very smart tool for taking measures to improve digestion issues when needed. I find it works well for me if Iโ€™m stressed or anxious, physically ill or suffering from a digestive woe like gas, bloating or constipation. Food combining means that you eat foods in combinations that optimize digestion, determined by how long they take to digest once in the stomach. This ensures less pain, less bloating, enhanced regularity, enhanced nutrient absorption, and prevents constipation and painful gas. The categories for food combining are fruits, leafy greens and green veggies, proteins, starches and fats. You can eat green veggies and leafy greens with anything. They're your freebie food here so eat as many as you want, anytime. Fruit should be eaten alone, or can be eaten with leafy greens and green veggies. Fruits are the quickest thing to digest of all other foods. You can also have leafy greens or veggies with protein, leafy greens or veggies with a starch or leafy greens and green veggies with a fat. The simplicity is that all you have to do is remember never to eat a starch, protein and fruit at the same time. The exception would be smoothies, which doesn't apply to food combining since everything is already broken down in the blender, making it easy to digest. Other than that, donโ€™t over-complicate it. The point here is that fruits, protein, starches and fats all break down and eliminate themselves from the body at different rates. When you eat more than one of each of these foods, it takes a great deal longer to sit in your stomach than if you only ate one of these. This can lead to food sitting in the gut and fermenting, which creates gas, bloating, constipation, and/or diarrhea. Try it and see if it helps you any and then go from there. You may not need it forever, but it can be a real lifesaver when you do!

Implement Peppermint
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