7 Apps to Bring to the Gym ...


There’s an app for everything — cooking, music, even learning to play the pan flute.

But are there any good apps for something useful, like… working out, counting calories, being fit, giving you inspiration, apps for the gym?

Why, yes, there IS an app for that!

I’m a certified gym rat, and I love bringing my iPod Touch to the gym with me.2

It’s loaded with all sorts of helpful apps for the gym… curious about which apps I use?2

Keep reading!

Here are 7 apps to bring to the gym.

1. DailyBurn Tracker

DailyBurn Tracker

Price: FREE at itunes.apple.com

Track your workouts and your calories with this free, easy to use app.

Why is this an app for the gym?

Because if you don’t bring a tracker app (or at least a notebook), you won’t be able to track your progress, and you’ll need that to see how far you’ve come!2

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Price: FREE at itunes.apple.com

This is my favorite app for the gym!

It features almost 100 customized workouts featuring fitness gurus like Lea Michele and pro athletes like Shawn Johnson.

Choose your own fitness level and goals and get fit now!

3. Tap & Track Calorie Counter

Tap & Track Calorie Counter

Price: $3.99 at itunes.apple.com

Why would you pay almost $4 for an app that’s very similar to the free one from item 1?2

Because this one’s incredibly easy to use.

A couple of taps and you’ve logged the data you need to track your fitness and diet success.

This is a very helpful app for the gym!

4. Jillian Michaels Slim-down Solution

Jillian Michaels Slim-down Solution

Price: FREE at itunes.apple.com

I try to workout like Jillian’s watching — even the thought of her keeps me going!

The meal plans are helpful, and I love that the moves she has in her workouts are so easily explained and demonstrated.

The demos are the reason I always bring this app to the gym!

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