7 Awesome Reasons to Love Yoga and Practice It Daily ...


There are many awesome reasons to love yoga and make it part of your daily routine! I was first exposed to yoga when I took a hot yoga class for a college course. It was an amazing experience, and even though I now dislike hot yoga, I love other forms of it. Take a look at some of these convincing reasons to love yoga and I bet you'll be inspired!

1. It Clears the Mind of Clutter

One of the amazing reasons to love yoga and make it a daily practice, is that it clears your mind of clutter. The noise and craziness of daily life can prevent you from taking time to breathe and relax your mind and just simply focus on nothing. Because our culture incorrectly equates business with importance, taking a break to reflect on just breathing and being alive is great way to center yourself and collect your thoughts.

It Detoxes Your Organs
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