10 Bad Foods Disguised as Health Food ...


There are so many misleading labels that disguise bad foods as health food and lead us to believe that junk food is healthy food.

Save yourself extra calories, fat, sugar and sodium by examining labels and eating less processed foods.

See if you consume any of these 10 bad foods disguised as health food.

1. Diet Soda

All sodas contain chemicals and acids that are bad for you and increase your waistline!

A study by the University of Texas followed over 450 people (diet soda and non-diet soda drinkers) for 10 years and those who had 2 diet sodas a day were found to have a 500% increase in their waist over the 10 years!2

That, along with the gas and bloating caused by sodas is enough to quit!

2. Frozen Meals

Frozen meals seem like a quick and easy way lunch with many labels giving off the impression that you’re eating a healthy and low calorie meal, but that’s actually far from the truth.

These seemingly healthy foods are actually bad foods with loads of sodium and acids as well as being processed meaning that they are far from fresh and healthy.

3. Smoothies

Many people like to substitute meals for a smoothie thinking that they’re consuming lots of vitamins and fruits.

Truth be told, most smoothies at juice bars are loaded with sugars and carbs with many of them containing extras like sherbet for flavor.

These bad foods are far from the nutritious and low calorie smoothies that we think we’re having.

Make your smoothies at home by blending mixed fruit, almond milk and a whey protein powder for a healthier alternative.2

4. Taco Salads

Taco salads are often considered the healthier option in Mexican fast foods and it very well could be in some aspects however, they’re loaded with sodium and fat.

The salsa and guacamole are likely heavily processed and the toppings along with the taco meat contain heaps of sodium.

Next time you find yourself at a Mexican fast food joint, opt for a chicken taco with lettuce and pico de gallo instead of this bad food.

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