7 Benefits of Eating Chocolate ...

Because I'm a major chocoholic, I decided to go on the hunt for the benefits of eating chocolate just so I could have a reason to eat more of the sweet stuff. And it turns out that there were more benefits of eating chocolate than I originally thought! (woo-hoo!) So, that’s right, fellow chocoholics, our addiction is healthy (err…somewhat)... here are 7 benefits of eating chocolate!

1. Your Heart

Eating chocolate helps your heart. Research from Sweden concluded that #women, who ate one to two servings of dark chocolate daily, decreased their chances of having heart failures by one-third. Even better, a German study conceded that having one square of dark chocolate a day reduced the risk of having a heart attack and stroke by thirty-nine percent! Blood pressure was also lowered as a result. Wow! These seem like pretty good reasons to indulge and reap the #benefits of eating chocolate, doesn’t it, ladies?