7 Benefits of Hobbies to Give You Food for Thought ...


You might think that hobbies are limited to people who have loads of free time, but there are many benefits of hobbies that should make you consider why you haven’t got one. The benefits of hobbies are physical, emotional and mental, and any activity you take up as a hobby will bring you rewards you probably never imagined. Here are some benefits of hobbies that will make you find some free time to pursue a new passion.

1. Hobbies Keep You Firmly Planted in the Present

We can’t change the past or live in the future, but we spend an amazing amount of time worrying about these things. When we’re engaged in a hobby we enjoy, our minds are occupied by the task at hand. One of the benefits of hobbies is that time flies by and we barely notice. If we worry about what might happen or agonize about what has already happened, we are missing what’s happening right in front of us. Hobbies anchor our minds to the here and now. That’s why therapists often recommend engaging in a hobby

Hobbies Help Us Deal with Stress
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