8 Best Foods to Fight Nausea ...


Whether you’re suffering from morning sickness or nausea from a first-trimester pregnancy, stomach bug or from chemo, you’re probably wondering what you can eat that won’t upset your stomach.

I can help!

After chatting with friends and family who’ve battled tummy troubles during chemo (and my own bouts of wretched morning sickness), I have loads of advice to share.

Here are the 8 best foods to fight nausea… and chances are, you already have some of these on hand!

1. Ginger

Ginger has long been known to be a food for easing nausea, so if you’re feeling nauseous, indulge in a piece of candied ginger, or in ginger-infused tea.

You can also try ginger ale, but check the label first to make sure it contains real ginger, and not just ginger flavoring.

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