7 Best Gift Ideas for Runners ...


The season of giving is upon us, and if you have a runner or two on your holiday shopping list, you're probably looking for a few gift ideas for runners.

Amid all the cookie baking, present wrapping and corporate holiday happy hours, the running fanatics in your life are figuring out how to fit in their miles between the holiday hype.

To help them stay on track throughout the holiday season (and beyond!), we want to help you give the gift of easier strides with one of these ideal presents for those who love to run.

Keep scrolling for the 7 best gift ideas for runners!

1. The Nike+ GPS SportWatch

The Nike+ GPS SportWatch

Dedicated runners will never miss a mile with the Nike+ GPS SportWatch.

Making it easy to map and record running routes by the step, the Nike+ GPS SportWatch doubles as a fashion statement and timekeeper.

Tracking miles traveled, calories burned, elevation covered and best of all, the road traveled, Nike+ software makes it easy to record, track and share data;

all of these reasons are why this gadget earns the top spot on my list of gift ideas for runners.

2. Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall

If there's one thing runners love more than lacing up their sneakers and hitting the road (and turf, grass or trail), it's learning about other runners and their personal experiences.

One of the best gift ideas for runners is wrapping up Born to Run, a national best-selling book by Men's Health contributing editor Christopher McDougall.

Diving into trail running, hidden running tribes and the forensics behind the human desire to run, it's a book runners won't be able to put down!

3. Run Pretty Far Apparel

Run Pretty Far Apparel

When you run, you look good.

And when you look good, you feel good!

So why not deck your favorite runner out in one of these super stylish t-shirts from Run Pretty Far?2

Not only are they cute, affordable and comfortable, they feature slogans like, "Run longer, eat more cupcakes!" that runners will love, making them a perfect gift to give.

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