7. Grow 🌱 Taller

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A bad habit a lot of teens have yet to kick is drinking 🍷 soda. Even if it's low fat, zero 0️⃣ carb, zilch calorie whatever, it still isn't good 👍 for you! It's filled with phosphate which lowers your calcium levels as your phosphate levels increase.

Once you stop ✋ drinking 🍷 soda and start taking calcium supplements, you may be able to grow 🌱 that extra inch you've been trying to gain since middle school!

Don't wait until you're 40 to start taking vitamins and supplements! Then you'll just be playing catch 🎣 up. Focus on 🔘 your health 💊 and happiness 😀 now, and you'll live a much better life 💓 currently as well 👍 as in the future! What other vitamins and supplements do you recommend for teenagers and young women?

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