11. Relax

Last but not least, all of these health tips are important, but if you live a life full of stress, you can’t become healthy, no matter how much you try. Learn to relax more and make it a priority however you need to. Do yoga, take walks, assign yourself daily silence time, or just do one activity a day alone that you enjoy to relax. Included in this, you should also get plenty of sleep so you can be at your best energy levels, and naturally fight off disease, depression, and weight gain.

Aim for 7-8 hours every single night.

I hope these tips for changes you can make to become healthier might help some of you who just don’t know where to start. Some of them sound repetitive to what we often hear about health, but they’re also very true. Take my advice and add in one or two this week. Then add in a few more next week. Keep doing that until you’ve achieved them all, and if you’re really brave, do them all today and be healthier tomorrow! You’ll feel so empowered and like a new person. How have you made a change to get healthier this year?

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