9 Changes to Make You Happier.. ...


You deserve a joyful life and if you aren’t living one, then it is time to make some changes to make you happier.

It’s a little obscure to think that if you keep doing the same things, being around the same people, or moving at the same pace that you will see different results.

That is not how life works.

Anyone can have more joy and glee from making a few changes.

So are you up for learning about 9 changes to make you happier?

I hope so…

1. Evaluate Your Values

What do you believe?

What are your values and virtues?

Look at your current life and honestly answer for yourself whether you are living out those values.

If not, you probably feel a lot of guilt and displeasure every time you act against your set values.2

Your behavior is taking away your happiness and this has got to be one of your first changes to make you happier.

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