9 Cheap and Healthy Indulgences You Need in Your Life ...


Were you aware that there are healthy indulgences that we all need in our lives? When we think of an indulgence, visions of chocolate fountains or getting a massage by a muscle-bound Adonis might come to mind. But really, there are lots of inexpensive and sensible treats that can help us feel good about ourselves and help us relax! Read on for 9 healthy indulgences that you need in your life and give yourself a taste of the good life!

1. Bathing Beauty

Taking a relaxing bath is one of the prime examples of healthy indulgences that are cheap and easy! Showers are great because they’re simple and quick, but that’s just what’s wrong with them! Give yourself some more time to draw a nice bath, add some bath salts, bath bombs or oils and really enjoy the experience. I used to say I didn’t have the patience for a bath but now I take the time to enjoy it, and it’s a great stress reliever!

Eat Sweets
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