7 Current & Popular Pseudoscience Trends Worth Exploring and Questioning ...


There are many popular pseudoscience trends that continuously circulate culture, particularly trends and fads related to health and wellness. Pseudoscience may appear to be valid, but these trends generally lack scientific evidence and support, can't be tested, or only contain partial truths. While most of these trends are not harmless, it's best to be aware of where we place our interests and our pocketbooks! Here are a few pseudoscience trends that are definitely worth exploring further.

1. Fad Diets

Fad diets are nothing new, yet they keep popping up as if they're going to be life-changing. While most diets show quick results, they are not lasting in most cases and you end up gaining the weight back (yo-yo dieting). You can probably think of numerous diet trends that have been proven ineffective at best, which is why this is one of the top pseudoscience trends worth evaluating! It's always best to be skeptical with restrictive diets that cut out major food groups. Stick to a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting by eating clean and exercising!

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