8 Eating Tips for Better Sleep ...


If you’re looking for ways to get a good night’s rest, I’ve got some great eating tips for better sleep that can help!

What, when and how we eat can seriously affect the quantity and quality of sleep that we get.

Some foods can help us nod off to a dreamy night of sleep whereas other foods can have us up for hours feeling restless or just plain tired all the time.

Check out these eating tips for better sleep to get the most out of your meals and bedtime!

1. Be Consistent

When you’re talking about eating tips for better sleep, don’t undermine the power of eating meals consistently.

Skipping a meal and making up for it later with a big meal might seem like an easy way to cut calories and time, but it can really mess with your body!

Be consistent with when you eat and how much you eat.

Eating an extra-large meal after going hungry for hours ends up stimulating your system rather than calming it.

2. Curb Caffeine

This is an obvious tip to eat for better sleep, right?

We all know that too much caffeine can cause us to stay up late watching informercials.

The funny thing is, as much as we all know we need to curb caffeine as the day wears on, we keep drinking it to keep us going.

If you really want better sleep, cut the caffeine at noon and stick with energizing foods like nuts or citrus to help you power through the day!2

3. Eat Early

Eating early might mess with your social calendar but it’s an important eating tip for improved sleep!

Eating too close to your bedtime can make it hard to go to sleep.

Dietitian Joy Bauer says that eating and then lying down slows down the digestive process and sends stomach acids into your throat, causing acid reflux or indigestion which can keep us up.

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