7 Essential Nutrients to Prevent Binge Eating ...


I've had “food issues” my entire life up until the last 2 years, when I finally learned how to stop restricting and prevent binge eating at the same time. I never thought that would be possible for me, but I finally stepped off the dieting roller coaster and onto the path to wellness. I finally learned it wasn’t a matter of just eating or just having willpower or strength. My body wasn’t nourished the way it needed to be. When I found out certain nutrients can actually prevent binge eating and other forms of disordered eating, I was sold. I implemented these 7 essential nutrients to prevent binge eating and finally healed my body from the inside out. There’s no temptation or struggle anymore and the depression and anxiety around food is gone thanks to my body being properly nourished. When the brain and body are nourished, a true balance occurs that you can’t achieve through willpower, diets or your own strength. Consult your health professional if you wish, and implement these into your routine, and feel the difference.

1. Protein

Protein is one of the most crucial nutrients to prevent binge eating and also depression. Amino acids make up protein molecules, so start by seeking out foods rich in quality amino acids. Cheap protein powders and inorganic meats are not what I’m talking about here. Seek out the best protein sources from humanely raised eggs, wild Alaskan salmon, raw and vegan protein powders which are less processed than animal ones, and foods like hemp seeds, which are rich in all essential amino acids. If you eat meat, try to buy organic and humanely raised chicken and turkey to prevent eating pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics, which can all contribute to poor nutrient absorption, among other health concerns. Protein not only keeps you satiated, but it aids in blood sugar regulation, prevents depression, and keeps your metabolism stoked. Aim for 10-15 grams every time you eat and when you have a snack, try to include about the same amount.

Healthy Fats
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