Ever Wondered πŸ€” if It is Better πŸ™πŸΌ to Sleep Naked πŸ™Š?


What do you wear to bed? To me there is nothing like slipping into a freshly made bed naked to feel the crisp sheets and duvet cover (comforter?) against my skin. I have slept naked since I was a teenager (although not for a couple of years when I had a sleepwalking phase. There was one night when … that’s a different story!) Although I do it out of preference, I love that there are actually some great benefits of sleeping naked.

1. It Can Increase Intimacy

One of the benefits of sleeping naked if you have a partner is that it can do wonders for increasing your intimacy as a couple. This does not necessarily have to relate to anything sexual (though of course it can if you so wish!), but the feel of skin to skin contact can be very therapeutic and comforting, especially under the warmth of a cozy comforter. Sleeping naked can make you feel a bigger sense of togetherness than wearing multiple layers.

Healthier Skin
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