11. It’s Due to a Lack of Nutrition and from Stress

If you diet all day, bingeing is one thing that will most likely occur as a result. Your body is begging you to eat more, and you ignore it and ignore it, whether through a low calorie diet or one without the right nutrients. At the end of the day, you’re tired, and your body is literally throwing out red flags everywhere, begging you to eat. Then, the binge happens. Or, perhaps stress has caused your hormones to think you’re hungry, so you go and reach for food after food after food to soothe stress and get those hormones back to an even keel. This used to happen to me when I worked at a job I literally hated. I’d come home such a wreck that I’d shove 4 or 5 “health bars” down my face, and then realize what I had done.

Don’t eat out of stress when you’re really just needing to relax. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea and talk to someone. I even started a meditation and yoga practice after my old job, and it was one of the best things I did, along with eating all throughout the day, full of healthy, nutritional foods. Don’t go without food and don’t give into stress through food. You deserve better!

I know binge eating can be so difficult to overcome, but I promise it’s possible. Take it from a girl who’s binged on everything from fat-free Cool Whip, Chips Ahoy cookies, Pop-Tarts, broccoli, almond butter and Larabars. Bingeing doesn’t make you worthless, and no matter how long it's affected you, it is possible to overcome it. I’m proud to say it no longer rules my life, and instead fuels my passion for advocacy and recovery for all eating disorders. Have you ever struggled with bingeing, or do you have any advice for others?

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