9 Fitness Tips for Beginners Every Girl Should Know ...


If you’re just warming up to the idea that fitness is keen, welcome to the club… we’re so glad you’re here!

Being fit and healthy go hand-in-hand, but I know the process can be daunting.

What to do, and when, and how?

What fitness tips for newbies should you know?

I can help.

I embraced fitness a few years ago, and I remember how confusing and overwhelming it can be.

Here are 9 fitness tips for beginners every girl should know.

Lace up your trainers and let’s go!

1. You’ll Need 5 Types of Fitness

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

There are five basic pieces of a complete fitness regimen: cardio, weight-bearing, non weight-bearing, stretching, and weight training.

These five pieces can be combined, too — for example, if you’re running, that counts as cardio and as weight-bearing exercise.

Swimming laps can be cardio and non weight-bearing exercise.

2. You Can’t Work Just One Body Part

Contrary to popular myth, it’s not possible to “bust belly fat” or get rid of fat in just one part of your body.2

If only, right?

You can tone muscle groups, but not one specific region… and to do that, you’ll also need to eat a healthful diet, with lean protein, loads of fresh fruits and veggies, and wholesome whole grains.

3. It Doesn’t Have to Be the Gym

No worries, love.

You don’t have to become a gym rat to be fit!3

This is a fitness tip for beginners that usually evokes a sigh of relief — it’s totally possible to get and stay fit without setting one sneakered foot in the gym.

Invest in some good DVDs (I love the butt-kicking P90X series) or hire a trainer who can help you put together a good fitness routine you can do at home.

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