7 Fun 5k Races to Run ...


I am a die-hard 5k race fanatic. I run a new 5k race at least once a month, and in the pursuit of my 5k addiction, I’ve participated in some of the funnest, most unique 5k races to run. If you’re a runner girl, too, have you heard of all these fabulous 5ks? Here are 7 fun 5k races to run… lace up your favorite racing shoes and let’s go!

1. The Color Run

Billed as “the happiest 5k on the planet,” The Color Run hosts 5k races to run in more than 100 cities in the United Stated and Australia. At each mile marker on the course, runners are blitzed with powdered color, so by the end of the race, they all look like they participated in the Hindu Festival of Holi. They advise you to wear white, but rest assured your running clothes won’t stay white for long… I can’t wait to run my first Color Run in May 2013! Bring on the rainbow!

Columbia Muddy Buddy
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