10 Fun Things We Did as a Kid That We Should do Now ...


Iโ€™m bringing silly back with 10 fun things to do that you did as a kid but rarely do now.3

Remember all those fun times being a little girl without a care in the world?

Well, even if you feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, we should all take some time out for some fun!2

Here are 10 ideas on fun things we did as a kid that we should definitely start doing now!

1. Writing Notes

One of the fun things to do as a kid was passing notes.

We email and text like crazy nowadays, but what about writing a hand-written note?

I used to love getting notes from friends that were specially folded and decorated!

You donโ€™t need to break out the college ruled paper and pencils, but think about sending a hand-written note the next time you send an e-card or text.

If youโ€™re feeling really nostalgic, decorate the envelope with stickers and drawings!

2. Have Sleepovers

Iโ€™m not talking about letting a drunk friend crash on the couch, thatโ€™s not necessarily a fun thing to do.

I mean having a girls night sleepover complete with PJs and pillow fights.

Invite some of your girls over for food, movies, cocktails and gossip!

Give each other facials while having girl talk or sip cocktails and give each other pedis.

Going out is fun, but staying in gives you an opportunity to really talk and bond with your girls!

3. Have a Secret Crush

Do you have the school or work blues and wish there was something fun to do instead of going to class or the office?

As a kid, nothing made school more tolerable than knowing you would be seeing your secret crush in class the next morning so why not relive those days and have a secret crush?

If youโ€™re attached, do something special for your "crush" like leave him a note or his favorite snack.

The fun part about this isnโ€™t the secret part, itโ€™s looking forward to seeing someone special!

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