10 Good Reasons to Power Nap ...


Although the concept of a power nap seems new-agey to us, there are many great reasons to power nap. The Spanish have long followed the tradition of the siesta. JFK, Churchill and Edison are a few that napped on the side, in between their important duties. Dali used to fall asleep holding a spoon over a plate, and when he was deep enough, the spoon would clatter onto the plate, waking him up. He said the microsleeps worked wonders, although whether he called them power naps is debatable. Today, progressive companies like Google, Nike and Zappos all have nap rooms. Naps are not just for kids and old folk! Here are 10 great reasons for power napping.

1. Improvement in Mood

Over time, as a sleep deficit builds up, we tend to get stressed and grumpy more easily. Power naps help balance this out, and put us on a more even keel. This makes for a happy us, and the people around us!

Increased Clarity of Thought
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