19 Health Benefits of Female Masturbation ...


Female masturbation is not generally a subject much discussed or even acknowledged (unlike male masturbation), but there are some excellent health benefits of female masturbation you might like to learn about. And, no matter that we don’t talk about it much – female sexual needs and desires are as equally as important as males’. Never feel guilty, never need a reason, but if you want to feel just a little bit better about it, here are some great health benefits of female masturbation.

1. Stress Relief

One of the best health benefits of female masturbation is that it is a terrific way of relieving stress and tension. And why not? You retreat to your quiet space and for a few minutes (or however long), there’s no-one intruding in your world, no reminders of all those pressures or things that are closing in on you. It’s special time just for yourself.

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