7. Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are fashionable and you probably see them everywhere these days. The problem with most commercial smoothies is that they contain loads of sugar or other sweeteners and fruit juice. In other words, they are rich in calories without so many vital nutrients. You can make a much lighter and healthier smoothie at home. As a rule of thumb, a big glassful should contain whole fruit pulp rather than juice, blended with 1.2 cup of low-fat yoghurt and Β½ cup of skimmed milk. You can enhance some smoothie recipes with a little bit of orange juice as well.

This is definitely delicious and a super healthy breakfast choice to start off your day with.

With these easy-to-prepare, healthy breakfast recipes, you also have the option of mixing and matching without too much preparation time (except for the burrito, of course!). In the whole, if you can get in a whole wheat product, a protein source (egg, dairy, soy, beans, lean meats) and some fresh fruits and veggies for breakfast, that is ideal. It is important to remember that if you go in for healthy breakfast choices to start off your day, you are putting yourself on the fast track to fitness! What healthy breakfast ideas do you have to share with us?

Top image source: frenchfrosting.blogspot.in

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