7 Helpful Braces Tips and Tricks to Remember Always ...


Not long after my son got braces, we were on the hunt for braces tips and tricks to keep his mouth healthy and comfortable. He would, after all, be wearing them for the next eighteen months! If you or your child (or both) have braces, we feel your pain. Braces arenโ€™t always painful but they require lots of care and attention to achieve success. We recently completed the treatment term and have seven braces tips and tricks to share; well, mostly tips and reminders. No doubt youโ€™ve heard these before and thatโ€™s OK. Reminders can be incredibly helpful.

1. Chew Softly

First on our list of braces tips and tricks that served us well is to change the way you eat. You may want to eat the same as before starting treatment. You can, but it will be quite painful, especially after your first sets of wires are attached. Chew softer food items and take smaller bites. Soups, broths, and yogurt are comforting the first day or two. Also, remember to avoid sticky, crunchy foods in general.

Wear Your Rubber Bands
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