20 Helpful Tips for Quitting Smoking ...


Every smoker who wants to give up the habit requires tips for quitting smoking. I have a confession to make: I'm a smoker. I know what a stigma that carries, but let's don't judge – everyone has bad habits. The important part here is that I'm trying to quit. I'm trying very, very hard and it is very, very awful because quitting is very, very difficult. If you're going through this journey, just remember that it will get better. A lot of these tips for quitting smoking have helped me tremendously, and I think they'll really help you, too.

1. Skip the Cold Turkey

There are lots of tips for quitting smoking, many of them different, but if they're really worth your while, then they'll advise you of one important thing: do not go cold turkey. It doesn't make you stronger, it doesn't make you more admirable, and it doesn't make you a β€œbetter quitter.” It does make you irritable, angry, unpleasant, and much more likely to backslide. Plus, it can be dangerous because you're completely cutting out a stimulant that you've been addicted to for years.

Know Why You're Quitting
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