2. Get Some Physical Activity in

When I was in high school, my family decided it would be a fun family tradition to run a 5K the morning of Thanksgiving, before dinner. I personally disagreed, but did it anyway. Even though I walked it, when I sat down for dinner, I felt a lot better about the food I was eating, knowing that I had an intense workout before. Or, grab your family and have a friendly football game in the backyard. You can also just take a walk after dinner. I think it’s a perfect way to make room for that pumpkin pie. If none of those things seem possible for you, how about doing some squats and lunges while you load the dishwasher after the meal or while checking on the turkey as it cooks? Whatever you do, have fun with it. It is a holiday after all!

Be Mindful of How Much You’re Eating and Your Portion Sizes
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