7. Your Yoga Mat

Your Yoga Mat

Whether you use your own yoga mat or use a communal one at the gym, if they arenโ€™t getting regularly cleaned, you could be surrounding yourself with the germs and bacteria of fellow gym goers. Even if your yoga sessions arenโ€™t the most vigorous, itโ€™s still a good idea to wipe down your mat after every use. ABCNews notes that germs on unclean yoga mats can linger for days. If you use your gymโ€™s yoga mats, wipe it down with sanitizer before you use it or start bringing your own that you clean after each use.

Were you aware of all these germ-filled areas and items around you? It can be unsettling to know that your personal items come in contact with so many germs, dirt and bacteria, but if weโ€™re mindful about keeping our hands and items clean, weโ€™re good!

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