Stop Believing These Myths about Depression Now ...


In light of Robin Williams' recent passing, I found it important to debunk myths about depression that society should be more cognizant about, to avoid repeating them. Depression is a debilitating disorder that can be extremely hard to grasp if you've never been in such a position. It's easy to dismiss the severity of depression if you know very little about it, so take some time to read these myths about depression to become more aware of the disorder:

1. Symptoms of Depression Are Just Mental

One of the first myths about depression is that the symptoms are all "in your head" (both literally and figuratively, for that matter). Depression doesn't just manifest itself mentally, but instead can also cause indigestion, tightness of the chest, fatigue, and trouble breathing and sleeping. Many people who suffer depression feel it all throughout their body.

Depression is Basically Just Sadness
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