7. Eat Oatmeal Once a Day

Oatmeal is such a healthy grain, but a very concentrated source of carbs, so it will help you put on weight if you need it to. Many people use it to lose weight, but for someone who wasn’t eating carbs at all, or grains, it helped me gain weight. I ate ½ cup each night with almond milk, raisins and cinnamon as a bedtime snack. It worked like a charm and due to oatmeal’s B vitamin 6 content, calming tryptophan content, and magnesium content, I was also able to drift off to sleep like a baby since those nutrients relax the body. Oatmeal also keeps your skin pretty, is great for your heart and can help your hair grow, to name a few beauty benefits. I bought gluten-free since I have a gluten-sensitivity and loved enjoying this hearty snack at night.

Gaining weight is not fun; I’m not going to lie. It was hard, and very emotionally taxing, yet I knew it could be done in the right way. Many people disagreed with me, but I wasn’t ready to turn to a junk food lifestyle that got me where I started off in the first place as a teenager. As a teen, I lived off sugar, junk and fast food, that later led me to dieting, terrible skin and digestive health, and a terrible metabolism. Then, that led to anorexia, which later led to binge eating, orthorexia, and back to anorexia. I was a mess! Yet, these healthy foods and tricks helped me gain weight the right way, and in a way that supported my body, mind, and my skin, hair, and nails. Plus all of the tips above balance the hormones, which are naturally off course when you're underweight, or overweight. Trust me, for someone who’s been down every road with her weight, gaining weight the right way is possible. If you want more information on my story, feel free to visit my blog as well at: soulfulspoon.com. Have you ever been underweight and tried to gain weight?

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