7 Natural Remedies for a Sinus Infection ...


Recently I've come down with a pretty nasty cold which prompted me to look into some natural remedies for a sinus infection. Once I realized I had a sinus infection, it had also progressed to a lung infection which meant antibiotics were the only route! If you catch it in time however, you can use natural remedies for a sinus infection that actually work and eliminate the need for antibiotics which strip your body of literally everything. Here are some home remedies to hep you fight that pesky sinus infection!

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil works as one of the most perfect natural remedies for a sinus infection because it really stimulates movement. A sinus infection is stagnant mucus caused by swelling of your sinus pathways. Peppermint essential oil is so potent that one drop is all you need! Make sure you have pure grade essential oil that can be taking internally. Place one drop on the roof of your mouth which will infuse into your sinuses and cause everything to open up. You can also put one drop into tea or rub some on the bottom of your feet and chest. Whatever you rub topically will immediately be absorbed into your skin and bloodstream. Just make sure you stay away from your eyes and nose as peppermint oil will burn.

Eliminate All Dairy Products
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