9 Natural Ways to Beat Bloating ...


If you’re on the search for simple and natural ways to beat bloating, you’ve come to the right place!

Feeling bloated with a puffy belly is uncomfortable, unsightly and just plain lousy!

While we can do our best to limit eating certain foods that promote bloat, consider taking up some of these easy lifestyle changes as ways to beat bloating and feel better faster!2

1. Pass on Salt

Passing on excess salt is one of the key ways to beat bloating and keep blood pressure balanced.

We all know that excess salt is the major culprit in causing us to retain extra water so avoiding loads of salt is always a smart idea.

Don’t forget that there’s excess sodium in tons of everyday foods like frozen entrees, cereal, soups and even drinks!

Track your sodium intake and try not to exceed the recommended daily amount of 2,300 mg.

2. Eat Slowly

I’ve always had an issue with eating too fast.2

I don’t know if it’s because I’m constantly in a rush or it’s just a bad habit but, eating fast is a sure way to a puffy belly!

Eating quickly and not properly chewing food can cause you to swallow air that can lead to the big bloat.

Take your time to eat slow and enjoy your meals rather than just reflexively eating.

3. Cut the Carbonation

Sometimes we all crave a nice bubbly drink to quench our thirst and give us a nice caffeine kick.2

The downfall to drinking sodas (even diet) is that it can cause gas to get trapped in your belly that can cause burping, gas and bloat.

Banish bloat by sipping on flavored water or herbal tea instead of soda.

Sodas are a huge source of empty calories, nasty chemicals and countless other side effects!

Pick Potassium
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