7 Natural Ways to Improve Allergies ...


If you are an allergy-sufferer like me, you may be looking for natural ways to improve allergies. It is no secret that dealing with allergies can be a pain. Allergies can prevent you from enjoying regular activities like being outdoors or visiting a friend. While we can’t always control the environment we can try to find natural ways to improve allergies at home for ourselves.

1. Pet Dander

One of the easiest natural ways to improve allergies is to avoid allergens. Obviously if you are allergic to certain pet dander, it is not advised to have that sort of pet. My daughter is so in love with cats. I bet she would be a crazed cat woman even at this young age. Unfortunately for her, my husband is deathly allergic to cats. Owning a cat in our home is not an option. We also have to be careful with items that she brings home from other people’s houses that have cats. Most everything gets washed before it can enter our home for the sake of the husband’s allergies.

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