10 New Tips for Preventing Cold and Flu ...


What are your best tips for preventing a cold? While you might think that everybody knows how to prevent illness, especially the standard winter illnesses, recent surveys have suggested that plenty of people don’t wash their hands. And while stocking up the medicine cabinet is a great precaution, there are plenty of natural prevention methods. Here are some of the less well-known tips for preventing cold and flu.

1. Wash up to Your Elbows

You are probably used to being told to wash your hands to avoid illness, but there’s a good reason for that – it’s simply one of the best tips for preventing cold and flu! Studies have shown that the forearm holds more bacteria than even the armpit, so washing up to your elbow will drastically reduce your chances of getting ill. If you are interested, the other top germ-harboring body parts are the palms, index fingers, back of the knee and the soles of your feet, according to the University of Colorado.

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