8 Non-weight Related Reasons to Work out ...


We all know that exercising is one of the keys to staying trim but I want to talk about some reasons to work out that have nothing to do with dieting!

Yes ma’am, there are a plethora of non-weight related reasons to work out that will have you wanting to get out there and break a sweat!

So if you thought that exercising was just for gym rats and weight loss, keep reading for the lowdown on the various benefits of working out!

1. Improve Your Sex Life

You read that right, one of the top reasons to work out is to improve your sex life!

Exercising regularly helps muscles stay active which then encourages the demand on the endocrine glands to produce more hormones.

Working out also helps promote blood flow and improve your stamina which is always helpful when doing the deed!

2. Improve Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that you’re in a good after working out?

People who exercise regularly are at a lower risk for depression and I can totally see why!

Even if you start off your workout in a foul mood, it’s hard not to smile and be proud of yourself after you get through a workout!

After just 20 minutes of exercise, your body will produce endorphins which are our body’s natural, feel-good neurotransmitters that boost your mood and make you feel great!

3. Improve Your Memory

Another one of the awesome benefits of working out is that it can actually help boost your brain power!

A study by Columbia University Medical Center found that the participants in the study who exercised performed better on memory tests than those who didn’t exercise.

Exercise increases oxygen and it can also augment the effects of helpful chemicals in the brain so exercising your body is also like exercising your brain!

Improve Your Energy
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