7 of the Best Natural Ways to Fight Sleepiness ...


Midday sleepiness can put a slump in your productivity and have you wondering about ways to fight sleepiness. Do you find yourself wanting to curl up for a nap in the middle of your workday? Understanding what may cause your afternoon drowsiness and putting into action some natural ways to fight sleepiness will get you on the right track to raising your energy and staying productive.

1. Regulate Sleep

Itโ€™s no wonder you need ways to fight sleepiness if you are in the habit of staying up super late each night despite an early morning alarm. Or maybe you are like many others whose sleep gets thrown off by late nights and sleeping in on the weekend. If you are serious about putting that drained and drowsy feeling to rest then you need to regulate your sleep and stick to the same sleep pattern, even on the weekends.

Donโ€™t Underestimate the Power Nap
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