7 Places with the Most Germs in Your Home ...


Are you sure you are cleaning the places with the most germs in your home? I’m not trying to imply that your house may be dirty or that your cleaning skills aren’t up to par. I am just saying that you may find it surprising that some of the places with the most germs are so easily overlooked during our cleaning sprees.

1. Sponges

How ironic is that the main tool most of us use to clean is one of the places with the most germs in our homes? This one skeeves me out big time. I mean, when you really think about it, sponges are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Sponges are moist and dark. Even using antibacterial cleansers doesn’t guarantee your sponge is germ free. What can you do to better your odds? Zap your sponge in the microwave for two minutes on high before use. This is shown to kill 99 percent of bacteria.

Coffee Maker
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