10 Quick Fixes for Everyday Health Problems ...


A lot of people are interested in quick fixes for everyday health problems. We have all experienced annoying or humiliating health problems at some point in our lives. Don't you wish there were some tips for everyday health to help you stop or cope better with your irritating health issues? Well no one has all the answers to solve all our problems, but I have come across a few tips that could help to improve certain health concerns we face almost everyday. So here are 10 quick fixes for everyday health problems to help you get through your days feeling better!

1. Stop a Sneezing Fit

During cold or allergy season, it can be hard to stop sneezing once you start. To help stop this, dip the tip of your nose in a glass of water for a second or two. When you have a sudden sneezing fit, it means something is inside your nose is irritating the lining. By dipping your nose in a glass of water, the water should wash away the irritant and cause your sneezing to stop. To make this remedy even more effective, dissolve some salt in the water first. The salt will help loosen up mucus, which will also help get rid of the irritant. If you're in a situation where you will look odd dipping your nose in a glass of water, holding a wet tissue to your nose should also work. No access to water? Try exhaling through your nose quickly for five seconds.

Stall Your Urge to Pee
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