Really Easy Tricks to Reduce Eye Strain when Using Your Phone ...


You undoubtedly spend hours every day glued to your phone screen and you’ve probably never given a second thought to what it can be doing to the health of your vision and eyes.

You might notice tired eyes occasionally, but there are other things to think about like eye strain and the constant flashing images (if you play games).

With some simple tricks you can reduce eye strain and still enjoy your phone.

1. Reduce Brightness

One of the easiest ways to reduce eye strain when on your phone is to reduce the brightness of your screen in your settings.

Unless you are outside in some serious sunlight, there is absolutely no reason why your screen needs to be at its full brightness.

I permanently have mine operating at about 25 percent and it’s absolutely perfect for my eyes.

Not to mention, having reduced brightness on your screen also saves a hell of a lot of battery life over the course of a day!2

2. Bigger Font

Head in to your settings and make the decision to enlarge the font of any text that comes up on your phone screen.

The bigger the text is, the less work your eyes are going to have to do on a regular basis, and this can be extremely helpful for somebody who does a lot of email or texting work as a regular part of their daily job.

3. Display Zoom

If you, like millions of others around the world, have an iPhone, then you will be able to perform this neat little trick called display zoom.

Display zoom allows you to enhance the size of your home screen so that you can see all of your app tiles more clearly, and though it might not seem like a big deal, considering the amount of time you look at these every single day, just having that tiny bit more zoom could help rest your eyes more.

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