7. Premature Birth

Mothers who smoke are more likely to go into early labor and birth premature babies than those who donโ€™t smoke. Smoking is bad all around, and your baby suffers the worst of it! A premature baby has lower chances of surviving, and may have health problems throughout his or her life.

Of course, sometimes babies are born with many of these problems and their mothers did not smoke.

These just happen to be a few of the risks that you place in your babyโ€™s path if you DO smoke while pregnant. If you pause to consider the risks, you have to ask yourself if itโ€™s really worth it. Smoking, just like any other habit in life, can be given up. Mothers who smoke also put themselves at risk. Itโ€™s simply not good for your health! Do you know any other reasons why pregnant women shouldnโ€™t smoke? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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