7 Reasons to Feel Good about Yourself ...


Feel good about yourself by changing your habits, having a positive outlook, and embracing all your unique quirks and traits. Sometimes feeling good about yourself can be really hard, though. We see our differences and our failures and overlook the good. It’s this type of self-deprecating behavior that stops us from feeling good about ourselves. Instead we need to embrace, appreciate, and celebrate even the smallest victories. Here are some wonderful reasons for you to feel great about yourself.

1. Embrace Your Differences

We’ve all been made differently.

Some of us are short, some tall.

Some of us have bright blue eyes, others have beautiful brown, green, or grey eyes.

Some of us have a sense of humor and some of us are full of quirks.

Whatever your difference is, embrace it full-heartedly.

It’s these differences that separate you from the crowd and make you unique.

Feeling good about yourself means owning them and loving them.

2. Appreciate Your Freedom

We live in a country full of freedoms.

In other countries women don’t share the same rights as us.2

Freedom and the feminist movement is one reason to feel good about yourself.

Rejoice in the fact that as a woman you can make your own choices, support and provide for your family, and show your strength and wisdom.

3. Know Your Limits

We all have limits.

Sometimes breaking those limits is good, but sometimes going past your limits is very bad.2

For example, if you think your limit is running 7MPH on the treadmill and you manage to up it to 9MPH, then congratulations.

That’s awesome and you should really feel good about yourself.

On the other hand, if you know your limit is two glasses of wine and you press your limit and polish off an entire bottle, chances are you not going to feel so good about the next day.

Respect Others
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