9 Reasons to Have a Colonic ...


There are some good reasons to have a colonic, but as people find out more and more about the therapy there is still much controversy surrounding the treatment.

Personal reasons to have colonic hydrotherapy include weight loss and treatment of fatigue.

Health reasons to have colonic irrigation include liver cleansing and other benefits.

If you are interested but would like to know more, here are 9 Reasons to Have a Colonic.

1. Ancient Practice

Colon cleansing is an age old practice that has been around for thousands of years, with evidence of the treatment occurring in respected ancient medicinal and health practices from all over the world.

Colon cleansing is considered to be a respected practice with roots found in Ancient Egypt, age old Ayurvedic medicine and ancient Chinese medicinal practices.

These ancient practices are still revered today as natural therapies and provide the top reasons to have a colonic.

2. Toxin Cleansing

There are so many misconceptions about colon therapy and the cleansing process, that there are many people who don’t fully comprehend all of the benefits, which are documented to be far reaching.

It is not only a slow digestive system that makes on feel sluggish, it is the toxins in our bodies that contributes to the low energy as well.

Detox diets can be long and difficult to endure, giving more reasons to have colonic irrigation which is a much faster one-off detoxifying treatment.

3. Reflex Stimulation

Part of the colon hydrotherapy treatment includes the use of warm water that is passed through the colon.

This part of the treatment process is one of the best reasons to have colonic hydrotherapy as the warm and tepid water stimulates the reflexes in the colon area, which is like a gentle and soothing massage.

Anyone who suffers with difficult bowel movements should see improvement after a colonic.

Muscle Strength
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