20 Reasons to Live a Healthy Life ...


I have spent a lot of time putting together lists on how to live healthy, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves all the reasons to live a healthy life.

Some of these reasons will really put things in perspective when feeling tempted by an unhealthy choice.

Please check out my 20 reasons to live a healthy life and be sure to share your own reasons too.

1. Live Longer

At one point in my life I thought growing old would be horrible.

But when I look at all the amazing advances in technology that have happened over my relatively short lifespan, and then think about all the things that have changed over the life of my grandparents, it really makes me excited to see what is to come in the future.

I can only imagine the insanely incredible technology of the future.

There's no question that living longer is one of the best reasons to live a healthy life.

2. Feel Better

Living a healthy life means feeling better.

If you have been eating right and working out for some time then you know exactly what I am talking about.

A couple days off track can easily leave you feeling horrible.

Of course we are all going to mess up once in a while, but I’d rather feel like crap some of the time and not all the time.

3. Look Better

It goes without saying that people who feel better also look better.

Really, how can you expect to look your best if you are feeling run down, have weirdness going on in your stomach, and just a general feeling of blah?

You are lying to yourself if you think those feelings don’t affect your appearance.

4. Sleep Better

I love my sleep.

Sleeping and I are best friends for life.

If one reason to live healthy is for better sleep than I am all for it.

Pass me that celery stick, glass water, and a pillow!

I am living healthy for good sleep.

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