9 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Consider Taking a Magnesium Supplement ...


As women, we’re told we should take this pill and that pill and then the next day, we’re told it may be bad for us, so I understand that when I tell you a magnesium supplement is essential to your health as a woman, you may be hesitant at first of my reasoning. This being said, let me tell you for starters how a magnesium supplement has truly changed my life in terms of health and physical well-being. Rewind five years when I was a walking picture of anxiety, fatigue, poor digestion, and moodiness. I was never on an even keel, no matter what vitamin I took, how I ate or what I did to relieve stress. I also suffered terrible joint pain and occasional headaches. I blamed it on hormones, stress, etc. Then one day I contacted my naturopathic doctor and she told me about magnesium and how a magnesium supplement could benefit me. Fast forward to present day where I can say I'm eternally grateful to her advice because it worked like a charm! After implementing a magnesium supplement into my day, I can truly say all those symptoms I suffered disappeared. Read on to find out just what a magnesium supplement may be able to do for you and why it is now being called a miracle supplement for women.

1. Energy

One of the main reasons most women could benefit from a magnesium supplement is due to the fact that many of us lead stressed, busy lives, which naturally deplete magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium is one of the most crucial minerals in the human body. It is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including breaking down glucose into energy. When your magnesium levels are low, you’ll be tired, feel depleted quite easily, and not feel like doing much of anything. Unless you eat a good bit of nuts, greens like kale and spinach, fish like halibut, and sources such as wheat bran or oat bran, chances are your diet isn’t composed of enough magnesium. Focus on getting more magnesium rich foods into your day, but if you’re not eating these each day, then you’ll probably benefit from a magnesium supplement of 350 mg-400 mg per day.

Calms Your Nerves
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