7 Reasons Why Not Drinking is Just as Much Fun as Drinking ...


There are lots of reasons why not drinking is just as much fun as drinking.

Do you think you’d find it hard to not drink on a night out?

It's one thing to like a glass of wine, but it’s another if you feel like you need it to get through a night.

Recently I have been opting for white wine and soda minus the wine, and have discovered that not drinking is completely underrated.

Here are only 7 of the many reasons why not drinking is just as fun as drinking.

1. Shame

How many times have you buried your head in your pillow in shame the morning after a big night out as you replayed your actions?

Feeling shame is just one of the reasons why not drinking is just as much fun as drinking.

Not drinking proves better than drinking when you can rest assured that you did not tell your best friend you fancy her brother and nor did you break out your β€˜look at me, I have a tail’ dance.

2. Fabulous

As everyone around you deteriorates, you and your not drinking self will remain as gorgeous as you were when the night began.2

Not drinking is far more fun than drinking, especially when the lights go on at 2am and everyone, bar you (and the random dude that forgot to hide) is cowering from the lights.

3. Cash

Drink wine, cocktails or any other alcohol all night and your purse will pay.

Not drinking is far more fun than drinking as you save oodles of cash to spend on things other than dirty kebabs, hangovers and embarrassing dance moves.

4. Entertainment

Ever observed a crowd of people who are drinking?2

Who needs a band, bar or club when you are surrounded by people who are willingly making fools of themselves?

There is nothing better than a drunk person to show you how much funnier (and less cringe worthy) it is to not drink than it is to drink.

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