10 Reasons Why Your Life is Not What You Want It to Be ...


Everyone is different and there could be many reasons why your life is not perfect or heading in the direction you had hoped it would be.

When I say there are many reasons why your life is not perfect, I mean your definition of perfection, nobody else’s.

If your present reality pales in comparison to what you want, then consider the following 10 points and take action...

1. Negative Nancy

We all know about the power of positive thinking, but do we realize that the same applies for negative thinking?

If there are certain negative thoughts which you associate with your relationships, career, health or any other area of your life, you can bet your buttocks that they will be negatively impacting your life situation.

Negative thoughts can be one of the reasons why your life is not perfect.

2. Action Woman

One of the main differences between those that are living the lives they want and those that are sobbing despairingly over their vision boards, is action or lack thereof.2

Ideas are great, but it is putting them into action that matters.

If you are all talk and no walk, then actually doing something is going to be the only thing that makes any difference worth noting.2

What could you be doing now?

3. Realism

If you were hoping to one day be a brain surgeon yet are disgruntled because you are still serving cold cuts at Whole Foods, then you need to be realistic with yourself.2

Do you have the necessary education?

If not, what do you need to be able to fulfill your desire and is the requirement realistic?

Likewise if you had your heart set on marrying R-Patz – although he’s not married yet, he’s most definitely taken.

Being realistic means you have achievable goals, not unrealistic expectations that will leave you feeling disappointed.

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