7 Reasons You Are Afraid of the Dark ...


Even now I am ...

insert age here ha ha ...

afraid of the dark.

Although, I admit, that now as an adult, it’s in a bit of a funny way.

I am ok if I am in a completely black room, but if there are chinks of light or shadows, I’d rather not be there!

I’m quite happy to sleep with the light on.

As it has never had a detrimental effect on my life, I’ve never really questioned it -until recently when it came up in a discussion with friends.

Here are some possible reasons you are afraid of the dark.2

1. You Have Been Preconditioned to Need Semi-constant Visual Stimulation

One of the most common reasons you are afraid of the dark may be traced back to your parents.

Contrary to popular belief, if you stop a child from seeing anything scary, then they tend to become more easily scared as they grow older.

However, banning you from watching TV horror shows as a child is not why your parents are to blame.

Your parents are to blame because they used the TV as a babysitter.

They plonked you in front of the TV at a young age and have conditioned you to need audio visual stimulation in order to feel normal (for want of a better word).

You will know you have this conditioning if you find it difficult to study in silence, and if you cannot go an hour without checking your phone, without music and without the TV.

Basically, if a camping trip with no technology makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is likely you have been conditioned to constantly require audio visual stimulation (stimulation by technology, but not in the rude way).

The dark offers no visual stimulation, which means without a TV on or music on you are unable to feel comfortable.

This discomfort may easily turn to fear and that is one of the reasons you may be afraid of the dark.2

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