3. Switch out Unhealthy Choices

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Winter can find us gorging on less-than-nutritious foods. Research has shown that the tendency to load up on calories in cold weather is an evolutionary mechanism to survive harsh winters when food was scarce. Bounce back from your winter weight by making some simple switches for spring. 'Cut salt by flavoring your food with seasonings such as cayenne, which may help reduce blood pressure, and cinnamon, which may help manage blood sugar levels,' Palinski-Wade suggests.

'If you are craving a sweet, try mixing together air popped popcorn with freeze dried fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate chips for a salty and sweet treat that's packed full of fiber. Cut soda by swapping it with seltzer water mixed with a splash of 100 percent fruit juice.' Avoid the chips and instead look to fresh fruits or veggies for a natural crunch. 'Leave a small bowl of veggies or fruit aroundβ€”that way, if you get hungry you can reach for a healthful snack,' adds Robert Ostfeld, MD, director of preventive cardiology at Montefiore Health System, and founder and director of the Montefiore-Einstein Cardiac Wellness Program.

Check Your Medicine Cabinet
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