7 Signs of a Food Intolerance You May Not Even Recognize at First ...


With food allergies being on the rise today, we’re bombarded with things we need to know about food allergies, such as signs of a food intolerance or food allergy. Most people now avoid gluten like the plague and many also avoid dairy and soy the same ways, even if they don’t know if they’re allergic or intolerant of any of the offending foods. The most 8 potential allergens in our food supply today include gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, and shellfish. It can be exhausting just to shop and eat these days without worrying what we’re potentially allergic or sensitive to. The great thing is, our bodies are smart and they talk to us, even by simply whispering to us, so to speak, by giving us signs that something is wrong. When a food disagrees with you, it may be subtle, but a reaction will occur. Check out some of these signs of a food intolerance, which are often overlooked, but key signs your body isn’t a happy camper!

1. A Headache

If you get a recurring headache on a regular occasion and eat some of the same foods each day, these headaches could be one of the many signs of a food intolerance. Headaches are common complaints among most food intolerance, and remember that an intolerance is not the same as an allergen. An allergen to a food involves the immune system, while an intolerance often involves the gastrointestinal tract mainly. If you get a headache after eating certain foods such as MSG-laden foods, or foods with tyrosine, a natural amino acid in foods such as chocolate, red wine, raspberries and fermented foods, your body may not be digesting the ingredient so it goes directly to your blood stream and travels to your brain, which causes the headache. If you get recurring headaches, consider researching what foods you are eating to see if they are linked to headaches and food intolerance. Most people are sensitive to food preservatives, sulfites and tyrosine found in foods, and these often produce a headache for many people. That daily migraine may not be a caffeine withdrawal like you think, but could be simply a food intolerance.

Skin Disruptions
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